Club positions include president, commander, vice-president, sergeant-at-arms and secretary. Members home nation is shown in a strap below the bird (condor) insignia, with “Comanchero” arched across its top. Titles are indicated in patches on the front of a vest or jacket. Club has full respect for their dead members which names are also indicated on the vest.
Other patches include a 1%er badge, the state the wearer’s chapter is based in, and ACCA. Prospective members are “nominees” and expected to obey the motto “if the president says jump, just ask how high”.

In 1966, a Scotsman named William George ‘Jock’ Ross organized the formation of a Sydney based outlaw motorcycle gang named
the ‘Comanchero’. He chose the name after seeing the John Wayne movie The Comancheros.
The clubhouse was set up in the western suburbs of Sydney. The Comanchero Club prospered through to 1982 when Jock’s authority
began to be challenged and dissension grew among the members. A former soldier, Ross wanted his club to operate like a military
unit, a disciplined brotherhood.Ross dubbed himself “supreme commander” and wrote up a set of rules for members to follow.

Their founder, Scotsman William George "Jock" Ross, ruled the Sydney-based club with an iron fist, demanding members live by the
club's motto: "Always Comanchero, Comanchero Always." ACCA
They were to abide by club rules such as never to sleep with another member's "ol' lady" and, above all, remain loyal to the club.

In late 1982, a second Comanchero chapter was formed by Anthony Mark "Snoddy" Spencer, who had broken away from the first chapter after challenging Ross' authority. When visiting the United States with Charles Paul "Charlie" Scibberas, another member of the second chapter, Spencer met with members of the Texan motorcycle club, the Bandidos and the two gangs became allies. The Bandidos eventually patched-over the second Comanchero chapter to become the Bandidos' first Australian chapter.
The Comanchero and Bandidos were now rivals and in 1984, the two clubs were involved in the Milperra massacre, a shoot-out which left seven people dead, including four Comanchero, two Bandidos, and a 14-year-old bystander. Jock Ross received a lifetime jail sentence for his involvement in the Milperra massacre but only served five years and three months before he was released.

First Chapter Overseas

As for some time lived and worked in Australia, MUNJA, with a recommendation of a friend who was already at the Club, joined Comanchero MC Australia, back in 1985.
The period over which it passed was not easy. As a nominee (nom) at the Club was required to perform all the tasks required of him. Without question and conscientiously serving, quickly gained the sympathy of other members and President William George "Jock" Ross.

Life that followed was not easy, but love for Club was stronger than anything. When it was time to go home, addressed to the President and informed him of his intention as well as the desire to establish the first Chapter overseaes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the hometown of Sarajevo.

As an exemplary Member which is a good part of his life gave to Club,
on the advice of Club, receive the unanimous support of its intention.
He packed up belongings and when returning to his hometown In 2004,
he established the first Chapter in Europe in Bosnia and Herzegovina.